Author Topic: Thoughts about men who are attracted to women who are trans*  (Read 10618 times)

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Re: Thoughts about men who are attracted to women who are trans*
« Reply #20 on: November 28, 2013, 10:46:22 pm »
I prefer to not think of trans women as "trans" because they are women. Y'all are just women with a different past and may have vaginas or penises. With that in mind I treat trans women the same way I would cis women.

Communication + consent

A friend of mine (MTF) said that people would assume her parts operated a certain way and this irritates her. I think that if one is to pursue a relationship with anybody who is trans that there shouldn't be assumptions of what parts do. With that in mind a woman's (or anyone's) parts are only my business if I'm intimate with that person.

Thanks! I think I may have about 15 yrs. on you.  I'm so new into this, that my first appt. with a GT is next Tues.   Yeah, I'm scared to death.  Where it will go from there? I have a feeling in my heart where it will go, but who really knows?   Trust me, even making that call to make that first appt. was a monumental step for me. It's totally mind blowing to me.  Especially when I see all these before/after and avatar pics (yours is a perfect example, Maddy).  I'm thinking omg, this is like "Beauty and the Beast" and I'm the Beast, there's absolutely no way I can ever begin to look this femme.  In my case, over forty years of that is quite enough, I think.

Jordan your well on your way to deal with your gender issues and someday your outside will match you inside. It is important to realize everybody's transition time line may not follow the same order or speed. Sometimes it is better to not look at other trans folk as it can cause negative thinking. I choose not to look at other T videos and such because it makes me feel more disphoric when my changes are less noticeable.

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Re: Thoughts about men who are attracted to women who are trans*
« Reply #21 on: March 01, 2014, 09:30:55 pm »
  I realize ahead of time that this topic is a few months old but the OPs ideas are reassuring to me.

I think that most types of attraction could be ruined by the creeps, but the more common ones are romanticized enough that it encourages some hope.

I can only say to anyone what most people would say: I did  not ask to be born this way. All I can do is meld what I cannot change with aspects I can control. I learned as a child to value relationships, respect women, be faithful,and developed a dream to marry someday.

What I cannot change is my attraction to transwomen is so strong. My mind can love trans and cis all the same, but my mind isn't the only muscle making the choices and the other one doesn't listen to me.

I lost the, cis, love of my life because of this. I could pleasure her but she couldn't please me sexually and she read things in that that simply weren't true. Before her, I thought that happiness was something I just wasn't capable of. I would literally have given up anything to stay with her. I understand her feelings, but after the only happiness I'd ever known came the heaviest sadness.

So for me, maybe I'll find a girl thag understands I love her without regard to what's between her legs even though physical attraction is motivated in small but necessary part by ut.

I will never again let love go because my penis is stupid.

I have to think I'm not a creep but merely adapting to the hand I was dealt. It has made me a better person in some ways.

But every sweet line I can say, no matter the intent is regarded with skepticism by girls who've been toyed with and we poor admirers have no heroes on the big screen walking in our path to offset the image the creeps give.

I have to admit, i hate to call myself one because of the negative light.