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stuff needed in purse

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I've said this one before. A nail. Very handy for broken stall door latches in the ladies room, unless you like holding the door shut with one foot.  ;D


--- Quote ---wheels under the suitcase you need to haul all that junk.
--- End quote ---

and don't forget the turbo charged motor to help push/pull it.

What I keep in my purse is mostly stuff I don't use much but may need at times.  Anything important to me is in my pockets or wallet ....  I'm a mobil type and most often leave my purse in the trunk of my car or at home.


                   Just swing that deadly thing, no stun gun needed!

              Seriously I would have a full 60 minute phone card if you need one, many pay phones have a 20 min minimum with phone cards and 10 minutes will not make a call.



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