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Spells to change genders?

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Hi, I don't know if anyone has come across people selling "gender changing" spells online but I was wondering what people here think of them. 
Such as this one:

<link removed to a commercial etsy account>

Of course they sound too ideal to be true but I was just wondering if anyone has bothered with them or the similar ones.

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eeeh...they...they just look like normal jewelry too me...
and overpriced as well...


I found myself looking for some of these "spells" when i was younger. I was into witchcraft at the time with my sister and talked to a "spirit" on an ouija board. I asked if i would ever become a woman, and she said yes. But then she told me not to do it b/c i would lose the ones i love. they're all rubbish. Novelty gifts for gullible shoppers really

Kia Ora,

The site also says the magical shapeshifter ring only costs $56.33 NZD (Painless Gender Reassignment for under $100)

"Metaphysical Pagan Ritual Shape Shifting Ring Transgender Hormone Spell!

Change Your Gender! Let Your Physical Appearance Reflect your True Self! Amazing Results!

This spell works equally as well for both Sexes! If you are a Man wanting to become a Woman; the powers of this spell will give you a higher production of Estrogen in your body -- your voice will become softer and you will lose facial hair. You will began to grow breasts and your male anatomy will get smaller, eventually forming a full female vagina. You will gain a fully functioning reproductive system & will be able to Give Birth and Breast Feed your Children! You will have a Menstrual Cycle and eventually go through Menopause. Your Height will decrease and your body will become more Sexy and Curvy! There will be nothing Left to ever remind you or let anyone else know that you were once born a Man!"

They do say..."If it sound too good to be true then it..............................."

However "Mind over Matter" has been known to work wonders...

Metta Zenda :)

Sorry, but as someone who was involved in Wicca for over 20 years I can tell you that this is just so much snake oil.  Most reputable Wiccan traditions look down on the practice of accepting money for any sort of spellwork or prayers.  And it is precisely because of this sort of "magically make all of your dreams come true" charlatanism that these rules exist. 

I won't say that magick and prayers don't work.  Magick rituals, prayers and belief can go a long way towards getting your mind right about the world and your place in it. What you believe can be very powerful.  ...I'll even admit to believing in a miracle or two.
But almost always, the real magick lies in deciding what you want and doing the hard work necessary to make it happen. 

Quit wishing and start doing.


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