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What comics are you currently reading?

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 Ooops I accidentally put this under fun and games instead of books. I didn't know if there were any comic fans out there. I love these what are your favorite/what are you currently threads. Introducing someone to something new or finding something new you enjoy is allways fun. Currently I'm following Rat queens and Saga. That's about it. I may start following batman when Snyder does something with harper row. Also I gave up on floppys. Usually I just wait for the trade. So what books are you reading?

Ms Grace:
I've been reading comic books for many years now. But I've been struggling with them for a while now - I was a big DC fan, they had a lot of female characters that I really enjoyed reading but they had to go and do that stupid new 52 stunt and a lot of those characters got wiped out of the current continuity or changed so much they might as well be new characters. I stuck it out, but... meh. The only book that really shone coming out of the reboot was Wonder Woman. I do love Fables though. The Angel & Faith series was good but finished now. I'm also really enjoying the FF book (not the main one, the one with the kids). I believe Saga is good but I've been having trouble getting it in trade.

I read comics when I was around 6 or 7 but the only one I remember was Transformers. I know there was a few more that I read but I can't recall them.

These days the only comic books I own are the Shut Up! Little Man!! comic book and a series of six comic books of The Get Along Gang that I didn't have when I was a kid since by the time it was on CBS as a Saturday morning series the ONLY thing you could find around here were the paperbacks like The Get Along Gang & The Crybaby, etc. But I purchased the complete six volume set of comics from a seller on Ebay a while back. The stories are good but some of the dialogue makes me roll my eyes. Like, when they shoehorn in the phrase "Let's get along, gang!". It's soooo frickin cheesy. They did the same thing in the Nickelodeon pilot. Thankfully, they didn't do this in the CBS series and I don't recall it being that way in the paperback books either.

Laura-I haven't read any transformers comics. That was after my time. I'm not familiar with the get along gang tho. Was it a cartoon?

Grace-I'm with you on that Grace. I think I grew out or burned out on comics. Luckily I found some I still enjoy. I'm with you on NU52. I'm not a fan. Oddly the NU52 batman by Scott Snyder was great. I say oddly because I am not a fan of batman. It's really good. I also agree with the wonder woman. I followed it til I stopped buying floppys. Have you read 100 bullets? It's written by the same person who wrote wonder woman(Azerello) and it's really good. Track down saga if you can it's awesome, especially if you like sci fi. I got mine on amazon.

Ms Grace:
Yeah, Snyder is a good writer. His stuff on Detective Comics before switching to Batman was also good. Azarello is also a good writer, I bought a lot of issues of 100 Bullets but at some point became disgusted by the violence and couldn't stomach it any more. A shame. I really liked the artist too, they make a good team (well, apart from the gore).


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