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Kia Ora,

This is open to Buddhists and non Buddhists ( a free for all) ;) ;D

If you had to sum Buddhism up in one word, what word would you choose  ? And Why ?

Metta Zenda :)


Tanya W:
Buddha nature...

...because our inherent capacity to know and love directly are simultaneously the ground of our journey (where we start from), the path of our journey (how we make our way), and the fruition of our journey (where we are going).

buddha started his journey seeking for the truth, the true cause of suffering. and he discovered it and showed to the world the reality of our existence.
 if you asked for two words i would have said 'cause and effect' which is the most basic concept in buddhism. explained simply, 'everything happens for a reason, if you want to remove something remove its cause.'

Kia Ora,


Metta Zenda :)


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