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Still getting messed around.
« on: January 07, 2014, 01:51:12 pm »
12th December they said they'd send me the letter.  It didn't arrive before I left for Christmas, so assumed that it would be here when I got back and checked the post on Monday, it wasn't.  There's no way that it couldn't have arrived in this time.  I even know it was printed, so somewhere between the mental health team and my work is a letter which would out me if someone opened it.  And I've wasted 3 weeks of my life waiting for a letter that has never arrived, and probably just says they won't help me.  I waited 8 weeks for them to say that they'd send me the thing.

I tried to ring them today about it, but they were closed by 5pm, which means that although they offered me to collect it in person from them, it'd be impossible for me to do so, as I don't get back from work until 4:45pm, and it's a 25+ minute walk there.  Of course, being closed I never got to speak to them, so I'll have to take the risk and call them whilst still at work tomorrow.

On top of that, I thought I'd found a private doctor who would very slightly, possible maybe see someone under 18 without their parents in attendance, but when I looked again in the morning to get their email address the words that I'd quoted had completely vanished, and it's an unequivocal no according to their site now.  It doesn't help that they don't actually have an email address either.

I can't seem to get anywhere with this.