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David W. Shelton:

--- Quote ---Hi, You may check out my message board links in the blue strip to the left of the message window in my website in Yahoo Groups Empathics an Intuitives. I have a wide variety of spiritual informational links there that I have collected through the years, including The Sacred Feminine.

I am not certain but I take it that one shouldn't be posting links to other sites here.


--- End quote ---
Informational links are welcome. It's only if the links are commercial that we scrutinize. If you'd like to run them by me, just PM the links to me and I'll check 'em out and gladly post them once I review them.


Hi David, thanks I can certainly do that, Probably simpler that way then sending people board hopping to get to the information. I'll drop off the links to you a little later today.

Posted on: September 04, 2007, 04:38:41 PMHi David, I tried to send the links through your email and your profile and the Moderator thingie but couldn't get into any of them to send. Can you tell me how or where I can send the links to?

I would love to bring any information on the spiritual part of life to anyone that is interested.



--- Quote from: David W. Shelton on September 03, 2007, 11:07:38 pm ---Actually, Wicca is essentially pantheism, not animism. It is a worship of nature as deity, rather than so much worshipping individual deities that are in nature.

Interesting thread!

The Quabalah is basically Jewish mysticism.

--- End quote ---

I always thought it was more like animism with the whole diety aspect simply being the godification (personification) of the energy that makes up different parts of nature. Perhaps I just encountered a different interpretation on wicca? Or maybe it was just my interpretation when I was a witch. Oh well, learn something new every day.

Hi NickSister

You are on the right track. The problem with defining mysticism and the gods and goddesses there about as many definitions out there as there are individual minds conceiving them. But if one reads carefully through these teachings you will find where they just don't appear to connect with anything but upon closer inspection there are many parts of it that have similarities in meaning.

I know this can get kind of confusing if one is a novice in trying to interpret the spiritual aspect of our physical beings, But our souls reside on all of the many metaphysical levels or dimensions where we are all connected as one to in the spirit. Just take what you believe or understand to be true to yourself and discard what doesn't. But as for myself I do not discard anything, I store these bits and pieces of information away for later reference and at times you can be quite surprised what enlightenment you could pick up from the most unlikely person. This new bit of information could be invaluable in piecing together yet another piece to the puzzle together and adding to a greater part of the picture.

The Metaphysical and spiritual can not be comprehended in one sitting if you are so inclined it will take years of research and reading and asking questions from those that are more highly learned and evolved in the field of the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of our being.

Have you checked out the links David put up for us? They are of a reliable source and quite educational.

With Love


Posted on: September 06, 2007, 08:46:09 PMIf you wish to be who you truly are then you may have to look at the world about you from a different angle.  Also, take a good look within yourself to see the woman you truly are.  Touch her, feel her, know her, then be her.

There are as many colors within the range of human emotions, feelings, and perceptions as there are in the spectrum of humanly visible light so the number of possible outcomes is without counting.  This is why it is important to look at the world with reference to who you truly are to yourself and find the true you, the one without guile or error, your inner self.  You might need to feel all of the colors that you can possibly feel to learn what you need to know, and like many other things in this imperfect world, certain combinations can hurt a lot when embraced.  You will learn to quickly let go of what does not serve you well.

Once you have made up your mind and have determined who you are, you will have found the inner self.  Then you can go forth in pride without fear or uncertainty. If you have looked at yourself as mentioned above there will be no room for uncertainty in your spiritual walk.

Always come from the purest part of the heart of your true self. Walking the spiritual path is not the easiest to walk, but it has many wonderful benefits, not the least among which are a good self-image, self esteem, the knowledge of being an equal (in a few cases, above) with the rest of the world, and happy with whom you sleep and awake when you are alone.

Same would go for those who walk the opposite path for their same result.

May the Infinite bless you all on your journey in this world of uncertainties. 


Posted on: September 07, 2007, 12:35:14 AMElder's Meditation of the Day October 25

"What does it matter how long I pray, so long as my prayers are answered?"

Too often we worry about the words we use in prayer. We focus on the words. What really counts is the spirit and intent behind our words. It is the spirit and intent that the Creator responds to. He reads and listens to our heart. Prayer isn't only when we fold our hands and pray. Prayer is when we talk to the Creator even when we are walking down a path or sitting on a hill or walking in the mountains. The Elders say, walk in prayer. We should be willing to talk with the Great One.

Great Spirit, today I will pray to You all day. Listen to my heart.


honestly i identify greatly with this entire topic, when i first journeyed religion/spirituality kept trying to fit into ones that wouldnt fit but eventually got to the point where i am now which is i beleive in the divine spirit, that goddess is. That there are different archtype aspects of the goddess. honestly i am not certain what name i ascribe to the one i am connected with..right now i beleive its Danu. i have an interesting observation. that many of the goddess's who have Trans Priestesses or Priests are combination of  sacred sexuality/love and war. there are exceptions but majority seem to have that patern.


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