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I made a jacket for my dog<3

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So this is my second dog jacket as well as my first time following a pattern! I had so much fun with this!!

Here is a picture of the outside of the jacket.. the lighting is bad, but the fabric is actually a really cute pink color.

here you can see the sparkly pink fabric better as well as the buttons I used for the pockets :)

Here is the soft fleecy inside

and here is my little diva model, kissy sprinkles!!<3

and one with my cat trying to photobomb us :P

but yep, I just had to show it off a bit. I'm quite pleased with my creation!!! :D

The jacket is adorable, but your subject line is tragically ambiguous. :-\

lol! is that better?

much better

and my warm dog blanket thinks so, too  ;D

(just ribbing)

adorable! does she like it or does she run around and roll around when you put it on?  :laugh:


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