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Hannah Solo (Cosplay)


So I’m considering putting together a femme Han Solo costume, but with a pencil skirt instead of leggings. The costume would be based on the Episode 4 outfit, so I’d be adding a red stripe to the sides of the skirt. Any suggestions on the best way to add this stripe?

Any suggestions for the vest? My understanding was that the original was made from a shirt that had the sleeves cut off to be created for the pockets. That’s probably beyond my abilities as a seamstress. Are there simpler ways?

I’m already planning the belt and holster (to be made from duck tape) and I’ve looking at designs for a LEGO BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Actually, I’ll probably make two versions of the holster: one for the blaster replica and one to function as a purse.

So, it’s the skirt and vest that I think will present the biggest challenges.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Ms Grace:
Sorry, no suggestions - but I really want to see that costume when you finish it! :D

Yeah, I know: Pics or it didn't happen.

If I figure this out and put it together, there will be pics!

one idea i had for the red stripes, was to put the sewing machine on the ||| stitch setting (the most compacted-threads setting, where the needle points are almost parellel to eachother in terms of relative position) to acheive a sort of 'patch' effect or texture to it

or if you're a total sewing noob, you can go and buy some marine dress pants to cut/resew into a skirt.

my starwars costume is much harder, as im trying to compile a mando armor so that maybe, just maybe, i have an excuse to join mando mercs XD


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