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what time of day do you take your meds


Just got back from seeing my Md. Here's a question about something I never thought of, what time of day do you take your meds.  I am doing premarin and Spiro. Would it be better to split the dose am and pm or take them all at one time??

Didn't your doctor tell you? What is this a trick question? You're 52 years old. You've taken prescription medication before. If a doctor prescribes pain pills are you going to take the prescribed medication all in one dose or are you going to follow the instructions on the medication?


And falls dangerously into information on self medication.  Any questions regarding dosage and frequency or timing of medication should be obtained from your doctor based upon your personal medical profile.  All you have to do is ask this question of your Dr. and you will get answers that are legitimate to your personal needs.  And as Cassie stated, follow the directions on the label, it will tell you to take X pills a day which generally means all at once, or X pills twice a day.  If this information is not on the medication label, try filling your perscription at a legitimate pharmacy.



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