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Killer diet program!
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(This is what I follow; note that results may vary.)

As I stated before, I am predominately a pescetarian but I will eat poultry products and occasionally beef and egg products. This diet will let you lose weight but it takes effort, and the first few weeks will be a pain. The diet is: take your current weight in pounds and take it times 7. That is the number of calories needed for your new diet to lose wieght. So, if you weigh 200 lbs, your daily limit on calories is 1400 calories. The trick is to go 10 lbs below what your current wieght is, so if you are 200 lbs, go for 1330 calories (the maximum if you were 190). For kilograms, take that number times 15.4. When you finally reach your desired wieght, take your final wieght times 10. That is a ballpark number to stabilize your wieght. For exercise, you'll want to start out with 15 minutes each day for 5 days a week. Work up to 30 - 60 min daily for 5 days per week as you'll burn calories slower as your weight drops. Note that your metabolism may be different than mine, so 10 calories/pound may not work for you.

------FOODS TO EAT (OR NOT)------

Here i will comment on what foods are good and not good. You may be surprised to hear that your Organic Foods (for the vegan types mostly) aren't a better value than the other stuff. The Organic Foods usually are an attempt to get high calorie foods with less calories in them. For example, my parents bought a jar of 'organic' coconut oil and it has about 120 calories for 14 g of oil. It's the same as regular coconut oil or maybe a bit lower in calories but still incredibly high. Likewise, there's a brand of potato chips made with dried vegetables by a company in Boulder, CO (can't recall the name) and it had about 140 calories for every 28 g of chips, about the same as regular chips. Organic branded salads are good, but be aware that your organic stuff usually is a sales pitch.

Anyways, the general rule of thumb is to eat foods with low calorie densities. Unless you have a medical condition like diabetes or are allergic to certain foods, you'll want to pay attention to calories and calorie density FIRST. SOme people will argue that you need to watch fat first; while fat and trans fats should be considered, your calorie denser foods usually are loaded up with that <not allowed> (lettuce and tomatoes don't have trans fats last time I checked) and the less dense food you stick in your body, the better you'll be. To determine calorie density, take the number of calories per serving and divide it by the mass of the serving in grams (not oz, the imperial measurements work poorly on this diet). For liquid foods, divide the serving by the size in mL.

Density less than 1 calorie per g/ml - EXCELLENT. You can eat this food without any concerns and it should be the bulk of your diet. This is usually found in vegetables and seafood. Skim milk is here too!

Density of 1 - 1.5 calories per g/ml - SAFE. This is also safe to eat often. Some of your frozen meals, believe it or not, fall into this area so consider that when you are shopping. The only frozen meals (Banquet, Swansons, Kashi) I eat fall into this range. Also, most of your lean meats and red meat seafood like salmon and tuna fall into this range. Fruits, while they have higher calories than vegetables, are in this range too. Pudding cups can fall into this range.

Density of 1.5 - 2.0 calories per g/ml - GUARDED. These foods, while safe to eat, should not be eaten in large quantities. This includes many of your frozen meals, some breads, most meats and poultry, and some of your ethnic foods like tortilla shells.

Density greater than 2.0 calories per g/ml - CAUTION. These are foods you don't want making up a large part of your diet. This includes candies, cooking oils (including olive oil), breakfast foods (waffles and cereals including your 'healthy cereals'), sausages, hot dogs, casseroles, croutons, donuts, cakes, breaded foods (no such thing as healthy fried foods either), most of your ethnic foods, granola bars, Jello, cream, rolls and most breads, rice (even brown rice), pastas, canned <not allowed> like Spaghetti Os, cheese, and most of your processed foods. Generally these foods by their nature are calorie dense; if you can find something in this group that is truely 'low calorie', then you are lucky.


I'll bet a lot of people don't realize what goes into this stuff. Let me give you an idea of what some of the more popular places put into their food:


Burger King

Hamburger  121 g    290
Whopper    290 g     670
4pc Chicken Tenders 62 g   170
Chicken Sandwich 219 g  660
Veggie Burger  215 g  420
Small Fry  74 g  230
Crossanwich w/ Egg & Cheese 115 g 300
Cini Minis   108 g   430
SMall Hash Browns   75 g    230


Regular Roast Beef   154 g   320
Beef N Cheddar   195 g   440
Chicken Cordon Bleu (Crispy)   266 g   710
Chicken Tenders 3pc  150 g  430
Southwest Chicken Wrap  254 g   550
Small CUrly Fries  106 g   340
Small Fries  113 g  300
Mozzarella Sticks 4pc  137 g   430
Cherry Turnover  89 g  250
ICing for Turnover   39 g  130
Market Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwich   322 g  880

TACO BELL (Had some problems with those green onions, no?)

Crunchy Taco  78 g  170
Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco  135 g  270
Chicken Gordita  153 g  360
Grilled Stuft Chicken Burrito  325 g  640
Chicken Quesadilla  184 g  520
Nachos Supreme  195 g  450
Cinnamon Twists  35 g  170
Soft Taco (Beef) 99 g  200
Mexican Pizza  216 g  530

In short, if you eat a lot of fast food, stop it. This stuff has all kinds of <not allowed> in it. OTherwise, you won't be a MtF transgender, you'll be a MtF cheeseburger. Sorry if that is insulting, but you simply won't lose wieght eating out all the time, even if you eat the 'healthy' fast food. You can get a Chicken McNugget meal maybe once in a blue moon, but that's it. The only healthy fast food is a salad without the gunk stuck on it. If you go to McDonalds, get a salad with grilled chicken. Use the light dressing instead of the creamy stuff. Your body will thank you.  8)