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Bread 'adiction'

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Hello ,

So my problem is that I enjoy bread too much , like I can't live without it . Even now , all I am thinking about is eating some ;D
And when I start eating , I eat a lot , especially the French one , with butter /honey/chocolate/milk , I just can't have enough .

It wasn't a problem when I lived as a 'boy' , as I used to train a lot , and also testosterone regulated my metabolism .
Now , I don't train too much (almost at all , I would go running , but I am worried about my legs shape , already way to masculine , with visible muscles ) ,  so I am worried that I will gain a lot of weight , especially now that I am considering loosing some . I am not fat at all at the moment , but I really need to get rid of some muscular tissue  and overall some body mass .

change full out running to walking jogging for a while. The muscle will stay toned but not gain and under HRT, even change.

You can try making gluten-free bread which might be less fattening. My sister went gluten free and she said she has success making bread out of stuff like almond meal.

big kim:
I found bread gave me IBS,cutting it back to almost zero helped I also lost 56lb.

Jamie D:
Claudia, bread is an integral part of meals in many cultures.  As I recall, you are in France, and that is certainly the case.

The main problem with bread, from a health perspective, is that most breads rate very high on the glycemic index, due to their readily digestible carbohydrates.  There are some flourless breads and sprouted grain breads that are better for you.

It was difficult for me to eliminate bread from my diet, but I have been able to greatly cut back.  I have type 2 diabetes - you don't want to end up like me.


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