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PantheaCon 2014 was another wonderful thing, and this time I was able to experience it as a coven member and first-degree Wiccan priestess. I had the opportunity to serve in one ritual in this new role as priestess, and was asked to help bless and ground a witch after she completed one ritual and before she began another.

At a ritual for queer deities and deities who are there for queer persons in particular, there was a powerful statement by the priestess who was embodying the Morrighan. She castigated all those who'd thrown trans persons under the bus, excluding us for our gender identities. I wept like I hadn't in a very long time and receieved much blessing as a result, being approached by not only the Morrighan but three other deity figures in that ritual as they reached out to offer me care.

This is also a thing I can share with my gender fluid sencond-born, as they are Pagan/Wiccan as well.

More details of my 'con experiences can be found here: doubleinvert | PantheaCon 2014

I am so happy to hear that you had such a pleasant experience. I am also happy to know that Pantheocon is changing its common view surrounding transinclusion. Thank you for sharing this with us and congratulations on being able to participate in your new role and function.

May the Gods shine brightly upon you,

Melitta Stafford


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