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Transgender mathematician needs help.


I'm a young mathematician that loves the stock market. I've been using calculus and algebra to try and make a better version of the Midas formula. One that actually takes in the emotions of the traders, millions of times a day using computers, and the good old speed of light. I need help though. The idea is getting so big it would take me 50 years to finish. (50 years is a bit of an exaggeration of course.)  this new midas formula will hopefully work, and take in the variables of emotions. Basically making math and computers understand the "Human" condition. But i need help. No money, no computers, just your brilliant minds. Really all i do is sit in a garage and think about ideas for hours. Helps take the edge off for me. A distraction really. When I'm doing math theres no gender, sexuality, money, or family. Just b.E.A.utiful mathematics. So message me if you think its interesting




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