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Getting disgusted with college

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smaller classes are almost always better for learning.
i somehow ended up studying general linguistics in uni. 15 students in 1st year, half of the master students from foreign language studies. the number went down drastically on the 2nd year.

was interesting to talk to the instructors between classes. they were so enthusiastic about grammar that they always wanted to explain anything to a student, or tell what books they could find information in. and already from the 2nd year, we learned to study and analyze natural language rather than just repeating what a textbook said.

the best part was that instructors would listen to the students' ideas, and some times even ask us what we thought about a problem they were having. or just tell us what they were working on right now and all the new things they found out and...

well. smaller classes are just better for learning. find an instructor who loves their field of study, and follow them for inspiration. kind of.


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