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The Death Penalty

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I'm curious given the recent hanging of an Australian citizen in Singapore (for trafficing 400grams of heroine) whether there is an opinion amongst those at Susan's that this is right or wrong.

I personally do not condone the death penalty for any crime. I cannot come to terms with the idea of carrying this penalty on another human being. Taking the life of another is not right. Lock them up for the rest of their lives but do not take their lives. Some will probably argue an eye for an eye but still I cannot condone judicial murder.


As an ex police officer I find it very disturbing.  If I worked under the kind of law that executed an individual for drugs I couldnt in good faith arrest anyone for those offenses.  Conversely, who in their right mind would take that chance knowing how psychotic the laws are in that country.  As to the death penalty for killers, tough call.  A man who murders a small girl to keep her from identifying him as the one who murdered her mother (recent in news), I would say the penalty fits the crime.

I think the death penalty is a barbaric ritual that has no place in modern society.  What a huge hypocrasy in any country with Christian roots to punish killing by killing.  Life without possibility of parole should be the penalty for murder.


I agree with Dawn. One of my objections (but not the only one) to it is the number of wrongful convictions that we've had in Canada and the US. Bad enough to wrongfully take years away from a person's life. To take their life as well is an irreparable harm.


Well no one ever said I fit in with the norm.

You would not be able to imagine the novel ways I would end someones life for rape or child molestaton.

If the verdict was death I would go for a specified time period before execution but when it was up--no further extensions.


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