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I got plenty of nuthin...

[from the entry GOD in the Encyclopaedia of Hinduism (I omit all the Sanskrit transliteration of the names of god, which slows this way down.; and these 'nots' and 'withouts' and 'un-s' go on for a goodly while...)]


Although certain forms of metaphysical speculation, notably Samkhya and Buddhism, do not posit a Divine Being and may be called atheistical [...], most Hindu philosophical systems have a concept of deity in some form or other. The most abstract of these concepts is found in certain of the Upanishads where God is conceived as a transcendent being or Ultimate Principle called Brahma.

Brahma (with a short final a, or Brahman, neuter) in the Vedas means devotion, magical formula or the Veda itself. The term is used for the Absolute, or the Ultimate Priniciple, beyond which nothing exists or has any reality. In the Upanishads, Brahma is said to be beyond all description, Whatever is said of him may also be rendered as neti, neti (not this, not that); hence many of the epithets and titles of Brahma are in the negative, eg: immovable, imperishable, inconceivable, unborn, indestructible, without marks or attributes, incorporeal, without beginning, beyond expression, impersonal, undifferentiated or unparticularized, without action, ie: not the Creator etc...


<that 'magical formula' is about the sound that pre-exists hearing (Shruti, shru-ti, 'that - which is heard; also refers to the vibration of a string at a given node) and how it became heard; aka as the birth (uncreated of course) of your inhabitable universes, primarily via the mantra A..U..M.... (OM)

One of the transpositions of this BIG NOTE is the 60 cycle-per-second HUM your abode is no doubt alive with the sound of right now.

One overtone set generated by that fundamental note is called 'you', after a certain convention. see jiva.>

also note:

- these Vedic sages drank a thing called Soma (which was a god also), which is generally thought to be either tincture of cannabis or some other psychedelic-type plant, which took some really elaborate preparation. Then they lined up their chanting rhythms in arcane ceremonies somehow, according to their calender of the aeons, only sped way up.

that practice is the basis for what is known today as transcendental meditation, which has been shown to work... syllables and meter.

{see, this 'God' is just phat droning bass in perpetuo moto, an wants alla y'all to get off yo <not allowed> and move to that groove and quitcher bitchen about all this other stuff, which is for entertainment purposes only. THUS HAVE I HEARD.  ^-^}

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