Author Topic: On policing RuPaul’s “free speech”  (Read 762 times)

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On policing RuPaul’s “free speech”
« on: April 20, 2014, 06:27:40 am »
On policing RuPaul’s “free speech”

By Cristan Williams, in the TransAdvocate

April 19, 2014

"​I think the freedom of speech and policing arguments that have popped up around RuPaul are entirely disingenuous. Nobody is stopping RuPaul Andre Charles from using these terms as much as he likes in his personal life. RuPaul Andre Charles is a human being; RuPaul is a brand that Logo sells. Logo does not want the brand they’re selling to be associated with terms people use while they kill trans women. Period."
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