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The Middle Way:
The last phase of Hindu philosophy ... starts with the work of Sriharsha (fl 1180), grammarian, poet, logician, and sceptical Vedantic philosopher of Bengal. He declared invalid the old [Nyaya] method of dealing with knowledge of the external world, since it cannot be proved whether a thing exists or not.
"Every postulate is absurd. I have no postulate to propound, since that also could be refuted. I have a private view of Brahma (aka nyeti nyeti, or not this, not that; IE: Not the Creator of the Universe.), the Universe and the soul, but they cannot be of interest to anyone else."

cf: Asserting that quantum mechanics is deterministic by treating the wave function itself as reality implies a single wave function for the entire universe, starting at the big bang. Such a "wave function of everything" would carry the probabilities of not just the world we know, but every other possible world that could have evolved from the big bang. For example, large voids in the distributions of galaxies are believed by many cosmologists to have originated in quantum fluctuations during the big bang. (See cosmic inflation and primordial fluctuations.) If so, the "wave function of everything" would carry the possibility that the region where our Milky Way galaxy is located could have been a void and the Earth never existed at all. (See large-scale structure of the cosmos.)

As for the statement, “they can not be of interest to anyone else” sure they can. If this speaker wants to be humble that’s fine, but don’t tell me I don’t care, I care somewhat.
On to, “the Earth could have been a void and never have existed at all.” Well as my Grand Pappy use to say, “Some times you eat the bear; some times the bear eats you.”

The Middle Way:
well, big ol' Sriharsha reminds me in this quote of when Mr Natural, in response to his acolyte Flaky Foont's persistent: 'but what does it all mean, Mr Natural?', finally sez: 'don't mean shee-it, my boy' and spits.

I no doubt would have liked your Granpap.


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