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Who to Notify of Gender Marker Change


I'm making a list of who to notify of my gender marker change. (Seeing the judge tomorrow with my attorney. Yay.)

I've already changed my name legally last year so things like credit cards, and all the other lovely annoying things like magazine subscriptions have been changed. Now my question is who needs notified of my gender marker change only?

Birth certificate, DL, social security, car insurance, health insurance, doctor office (I'll love this one. No more incorrect gendering.), teaching license and...well from there I don't know who else needs to know.  ???

Does anyone have any more places to add onto the list? Does my bank need notified? Credit cards? Loans?

Oh and I already know I have to register with selective service after the marker is changed to male. I'm under the cut off age so I won't need a status information letter.

This is the procedures for gender marker change for social security administration.  This came directly from ssa

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