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DS11 required for gender change on US passport

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Hi Flan - an update in the Wiki would be really helpful, especially with a link to the regulation.  Half of the information currently on the internet (including the Wiki) still show the DS-82 as the form to use, and the regulation is the "only" source available that gives the stipulations on what type of physician may submit a letter.  This has been a frustrating trial and error experience, and as usual the feds work harder at preventing people from accomplishing a task then they do helping.......

Wiki info:
Modifying and renewing a passport over one year old
When renewing a passport over one year old, you must mail off:
Form DS-82, "Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail", [4]
Your current passport
Two recent passport-quality photographs (2" x 2")
A certified copy of your name change court decree (when changing name)
An affidavit from a physician that transition is either in progress or completed (when changing gender marker)
An application fee (after July 13th, $110)


If you see a PA or nurse practitioner, they must work under a physician. You can get the PA (or NP) to get the doctor to co-sign any official documents like that. Just found this part of the forum today.


Thanks for the input jay.  Unfortunately I was in a time crunch to get the passport, so I'll make the trip overseas as Kimberly the male >:(, and then fix it when I return.  The really frustrating part about this is the lack of information and mis-information available.  The Department of State has no information available unless you're lucky enough to happen on the regulation, and Resources PDX and the Wiki have mis-information.


The passport gender change process can indeed be very frustrating; it's clear that most of the employees at State and USPS aren't familiar with the regulations. In my case, I originally filled out a DS-11 and prepared to submit it in person, yet when I called the local post office to make the appointment they insisted I could use a DS-82, which I dutifully filled out and sent in... only to get that same rejection letter weeks later, telling me to use the DS-11 and apply in person. (This wasn't what I wanted to hear a month and a half before my flight for surgery.)

And after I returned to the U.S. newly bevaginated, I sent them a DS-82 with a letter meeting all the criteria to get my full 10-year passport, only to receive a request for that same letter again in the mail a few weeks later... once the real passport agency called me back (you have to request a call from them from the NPC), they couldn't tell me what was wrong with the letter I sent in, and they called me back a half hour later to inform me everything was OK and I'd be receiving my new passport in a few days.

State really needs to make their guidance clearer and get it out to all their and USPS's passport workers.

(But when I went to get my marker changed at Social Security, the worker there went against SSA's guidance and accepted my 2-year passport, so inconsistency can sometimes have a bright side.  ::) )

Rose City Rose:
Wait, I thought they changed the laws so that surgery was not required to get a passport changed?

Can someone please summarize what exactly the process is since this seems to be for those who have done/will do it shortly and have already become familiar with the forms?


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