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Olivia P:
If there is a genetic and biological basis for gender, doesn't that mean sex and gender is in reality the same thing and that the separation of the terms are simply left overs from the days of science thinking gender is purely psychological?

No, or there wouldn't be gender dysphoria in the first place. The physical aspects and the mental aspects aren't the same are are as different as your nose compared to your toes. All of which are controlled by your genes.

Olivia P:
The dysphoria is caused by a biological mismatch tho, female brain male body for example. Every aspect of you has a mental side.

The conclusion science seems to be reaching is that your collection of genes seem to determine your variance of gender/sex, gender seems to be used as well for the mental side of everything, for the biological side of what is considered gender in the brain and genes.

I don't really know if there is a genetic basis, but there could be a biological basis for it. Prenatal hormonal exposure, the brain developing as one gender but the genetics dictating what gender your body is or will be. I also believe that it just may be the way different brains develope from the mother's diet, to vitamins, to hormonal conditions and so on. I guess a genetic condition could probably be being born intersex or with both sets of genetals. I do believe it is a psychological thing too.

As for GID, if we had a society that was accepting of all gender variances and allowed free expression of whatever psychological gender we are, would we even have dysphoria over being trans? Yeah there would be some severe cases but if a M2F or F2M could totally embrace themselves and totally express themselves and society accepted us as our preferred gender, would we still have the problems we do within in the community and GID?

Olivia P:
Jess, a study in 2008 showed some potential genetic ties that could cause mtf and ftm, thats what i refer to when i mention genetics


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