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I had no idea this part of the forums existed. Hi, hello, how are you guys, my name is Alec, I want to get to know you all and love you with the flame that can only burn this deep within my soul let's talk let's do things I want to meet friends I want--
I need to calm down about this, don't I...?
Merry Litha, nonetheless!

How're you going to be celebrating this year~?

Gothic Dandy:
This corner of the forum doesn't seem too active...

I was also excited to find out about it, though.

I...don't remember what I did for Litha this year. It must have been underwhelming.

For the next holiday (Mabon) I'm going to a few rituals with some groups I'm new to. I'm not new to Wicca, but I just started looking for other groups. I've been doing this on my own for several years.

I usually try to fix a nice dinner to celebrate each sabbat, too.


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