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any tips for a more feminine waist

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Maybe sit-ups or abdominal crunches.

Waist shaper or a corset.

Hips that look noticeably wider than your waist.

Wearing “just the right clothing” helping you look nicely proportional.

A belly chain.


I have a few waist trainers that I will wear now and then, but now that warmer weather is here, I prefer wearing a dress that flares out a bit to make my waist seem thinner and hips wider. Amazon is great with finding the right style and it's super easy returning what doesn't work. Many times I will buy 8-10 things and return all but one or two. Plus it's just fun looking at all the styles and colors! I have a couple corsets too, but only wear them on special occasions as after a while they are uncomfortable, especially when sitting. The trainers definitely help with making the waist seem smaller and are more comfortable than a corset. I do find that just wearing the right style outfit and some hip pads, it makes up for it and is more comfortable. Some of the other suggestions previously mentioned are great too, definitely give everything a try and see what works for you. Good luck!

I do like the curviness a corset can provide, although the results are temporary.

I usually do not wear mine.  I also tried breast enhancement pads, not hip pads, but really just letting my own body develop has been nice.  I want to have more curves but I have not used the enhancements in awhile.  There is nothing wrong with using them, but I figure it is best to just go natural for me.  They give me an idea of what a more desirable appearance might be; however, that may never materialize.  That is okay. 

My breasts have grown and that is so affirming.  Medically supervised HRT can go only so far, and people have varying results.  I doubt that I will ever get a breast augmentation (BA) as I look nice with my own breasts.  Again, there would be nothing wrong in getting a BA.

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle I think is very important too.  While neither may contribute to having a feminine waist I think this simply makes sense to do.



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