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any tips for a more feminine waist

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Stay thin it helps a lot!

Veronica Morph:
more than just to tighten your waist, is to understand proportions... if you are tall or have wide shoulders (open back) , narrow hips, and thin legs... to thin the waist is not the way to go... this is my case...
i use to exercise a lot, swim, run, workout etc, and i like to look athletic and appeal to ladies, when i am in my man mode. then when i transform to my curvy sexy brazillian butt mode girl... i have to better manage the proportions of my body first by enhancing my hips to a bit wider than my shoulders, the waist must be controlled, with a corsett, not too tight so it hurts the skin, i pad my tights, and calves, and if the silhuette needs more tightness in the waist i insert a bondage belt to  the tightest i can stand without hurting when i bend to touch my toes, the waist will be reduced by a 30-40% of its size, just be creful to loosen the belt when you are sitting or eating.
i use the belt when i go walking and i wearing a bondage minidress,
the use of high heels is a must cause you need to give the effect of long legs, in my case i am 6 ft barefoot, and i love 5inchers, i cant go out if im not wearing high heels, it would be a waste of experience if not.

Veronica Morph:
i just reread my input on 2014, i was using foam, nowdays there are silicon products, i use complete butt shorts made from silicon it has a well sculpted brazilian butt, hips and camel toe, i add padding with yoga matt foam cuttin for the inner sides of the legs, the upper part of the tights, to reduce the volume of the fon t where the bulge is being controlled, simulating a nice front of a ladies cammel toe and bely,
the calves and tights are being enhanced with silicone pads made for that, so for the waist reduction as explained above i try not to tighten too mush unless i am really looking for a fetish or very sexy look,
colors gives effects too, use bright bottoms and black or dark  tops, avoid short sleeves, or spaggetti tops, insteaduse cold shourlder tops, or poncho blousses that tightens your belly , this to hide the back and shoulder size vs your hips.

Maid Marion:
My waist is naturally 2 inches above my belly button.  With most genetic males it is below the belly button.

One way that helps me to pass is to wear clothes that emphasize my waist.  I wear stretchy golf tops cut for a thin waist.


Look to have a custom made corset designed to fit yourself. These tend to have extra boning to help give an amazing figure


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