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Second Degree Initation
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:48:54 pm »
In February of this year, just before PantheaCon started, I received my first degree initiation into the Circle of Cerridwen (Open Source Alexandrian tradition) and was made a "duly consecrated priest and witch." Shortly before this happened, I'd applied for admission to the Pacific School of Religion. I received my acceptance notification from the seminary on Ash Wednesday.

Fast forward to earlier this summer, my coven elders decided I'd progressed to the point where I should receive my second degree initiation. This was due in part to being accepted to seminary, the same seminary that my mentor and on of my coven elders had just graduated from. That initiation happened last night, promoting me to "high priest and magus."

After I'd been initiated, but while still in the circle, I was handed a scrying mirror and told to scry. At first I was confronted by my own fears and I could almost feel as if the Morrigan was smirking at me. She told me that not only was I full of fear but that I had to face my fears. And now being a high priest, I didn't have any choice but to face those fears. Also while scrying, I felt as if there was a subtle bit of mockery going on and I asked one of the third degree priests if the coven spirit, Great President Buer, was a trickster. She told me that he wasn't and asked, "What color is the spirit you see."

I replied, "Blue."

My coven mates then began to laugh and I thought, Oh no, not him!

"That's Melek!" I was told.

Melek Ta'us can indeed be a trickster, and I'd been told by another coven member some time ago that, "He likes me."

But also while I was scrying, another of the high priests was looking into the mirror. Later she told me that she saw a door that opened and in the room beyond was the pentacle of the Adversary. This makes perfect sense to me, as I've encountered the Adversary in trance work before and I've learned how to work with him.

Considering that I work with the Adversary and that my matron the Morrigan can be "a harsh mistress," the last thing I need is to be adopted by a trickster spirit.

Oh, well. That's the way the cards play sometimes.