Author Topic: Vancouver School Board Adopts Progressive Transgender Policy  (Read 968 times)

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I'm no reporter so you can take this article with as much skepticism as I did but if its true then I'm taking it as a step In the right direction.

Vancouver School Board Adopts Progressive Transgender Policy

The LGBTQ community is making strides on the west coast of Canada this week. On June 15, the mayor of Edmonton presented a 12-year-old <transgender> boy with his new and hard-fought-for birth certificate. The new birth certificate recognizes the minor, Wren Kauffman, as a male and not the female he was at birth.

Then, on Monday, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) finally voted for a new transgender policy that allows students to choose a name that best represents their gender identity. They have also enacted a policy for single-stall, genderless washrooms. On top of that, the VSB has introduced gender-neutral pronouns: xe (third person), xem (plural), and xyr (possessive) for students who do not identify with traditional gender roles.
(the rest of the article is in the above link)
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Re: Vancouver School Board Adopts Progressive Transgender Policy
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Oh my God, this is great! Looks like I'll be teaching in Vancouver!
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