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Thelema and Being Transgender

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

As my fellow illuminists know, magickal names are generally written in Latin, and Latin gives no room for gender fluidity (i.e. Frater Lux, Soror Caeli). I've seen a few posts in other forums about how being transgender may or may not fit in with this binary system.

Well, I feel there is answer to this:

It really has nothing to do with your personal identity. You could identify as agender, androgyne, or neutrois, and you will never fall out of place in the temple. The use of Male and Female pronouns has to do with the balance of their energies, masculine and feminine. Whichever one may identify with strongest could be the prefix you choose. If you identify with both equally, or neither, then choose one for the particular energy you may wish to portray in the ritual whether there are other participants or in solitary. You don't have to identify personally as a Frater or Soror. In magick you essentially must transcend gender as well as reconcile them on the spiritual level.

"The soul is beyond Male and Female as it is beyond Life and Death." — Aleister Crowley

Eliphas Levi's Baphomet is the symbol of this union. It is the "Great Androgyne" of occultism. In occult spirituality and philosophy it doesn't matter what your physical sex is; it's all about the symbolic.

"Every man and every woman is a star." — Aleister Crowley

This can say two things: we are all on our own individual orbit or path in the universe, and stars are simply points of light with no gender assignment, so everything is open to possibility. Planets are, of course, physically without gender, but in astrology they do have masculine and feminine associations.

So, despite the binary polarity of the universe, the soul is ambiguous. You have to let go of personal identity when doing magickal work, because beyond this flesh we are male, female, both and neither. Besides, Thelema is a philosophy (and religion) of tolerance, save of intolerance.

Love is the law; love under Will.

“There is no ‘reason’ why a Star should continue in its orbit. Let her rip! Every time the conscious acts, it interferes with the Subconscious, which is Hadit. It is the voice of Man, and not of a God. Any man who ‘listens to reason’ ceases to be a revolutionary… It is ridiculous to ask a dog why it barks. One must fulfill one’s true Nature, one must do one’s Will. To question this is to destroy confidence, and so to create an inhibition… We are not to calculate, to argue, to criticise; these things lead to division of will and to stagnation. They are shackles of our Going. They hamstring our Pegasus. We are to rise up – to Go – to Love – we are to be awake, alert.”
— Aleister Crowley

This quote from Crowley practically embraces all expressions of Will. I emphasised part of it that really gets the point across that we shouldn't wrack our brains as much as we do over transition or the ever so asked question "Am I really trans?" You just have to keep on track with one-pointedness, or it will just collapse over and over.

Rose City Rose:
That probably makes more sense to me right now than nearly anything else anyone has ever said to me on the subject of being trans.

Why do I even bother questioning, I ask myself?  It feels so right when I just roll with it.

The flesh of the body I reside in is male, the brain is female, the Spirit is Spirit, my Will is to overcome all and Become. That, I think, is the test we who would do the Great Work must overcome to Cross the Abyss.

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