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Dealing with a path change?


I've been a druidic pagan for years, happily staying under the leadership of the horned god...  However lately I've felt my heart being pulled in a completely different direction and i really don't know how to feel about it.

Asatru has been nagging at the corners of my mind for some time now....  Making me feel more alive than I have in a while.  I don't know if it has something to do with what I'm going through or what...But it's scary thinking of moving to something I don't know as well.

Anybody else have this problem?

Although honestly I know little about druid paganism, but just to bring up a conversation, have you contacted the horned god through meditation or other forms of communication? Just remember this quote "The road to success is never straight." Maybe the path you have chosen is meant to take another turn, or maybe, it is a test to prove your faith. The key is: if your heart, mind and soul all tell you to do something, it makes sense to do so. Remember to keep your body in line with all things and you will go far.

*shrug* I just go with the flow. (Sorry to use a cliche.) I'm also drawn to heathenism, but decided to take things slowly and figure out what I wanted out of it and how I wanted to fit. Then again, I tend to analyze stuff, so that may just happen to be what works best for me.


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