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What kind of creature are you in the Unicorn Forest? Come play with me - please

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I am excited about this topic and will be deeply disappointed if we don't get a lot of posts, in an innocent and childlike way

Who are you in our Unicorn Forest?

I am a beautiful fairy, 6 feet tall, gorgeous, innocent, with big eyes and huge wings, a friend of all of the creatures in the forest, and able to fly anywhere anytime to play with anyone.  I have long nails and flowing hair that shines in the light, ready to defend all the forest folk, great in freedom, innocent as a dove, light as a feather, and terrifying when angry

Who are you in our precious forest my dear friends, what creature is your self image in our very special place, unique in all the world?

Blessings and Joy

--SJ Satinjoy

Jessica Merriman:
OK, time for everyone to see the dark inner Jessica.

I am the dark and sensual succubus. I am constantly being pursued by the good creatures with pitch forks and torches. I live to, well, you know what a succubus does!   ;)

There you have it. The darkness inside the goody two shoe Moderator. >:-)


Who grew up among squirrels.  Squirrels who kept trying to get him to be more squirrel-like and sighing over how bad he was at it and how he just wasn't trying.  Who looks at the unicorns when the canter by and tries to figure out how to have some fraction of their magic.

Maybe glittery claw-polish would help.  Or a satin Mummer's jacket.  Oh, to wear a bright costume waddling down the street in time to the band playing "oh, dem golden slippers"!

That thing that you sometimes see out of the corner of your eye at times, but you can't see it when you look?
That's no illusion or trick of your mind.
I wander those paths that are next to the paths you're on.
I wander the darker paths, as well as the ones that are bright with light.
I see that succubus, I know those dark and sensual paths as well.

luna nyan:
<- points to teh poneh avatar.

My name and avatar says it all.  :)

And yes, I'm probably a girly girl at heart.


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