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What kind of creature are you in the Unicorn Forest? Come play with me - please

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... J├Âtunn, a shapeshifting, chaotic, wild force of nature.

I think of myself as a flower. I'm delicate and sweet and want to make the world a prettier place, but, like a flower, I find myself sometimes playing a male role and sometime a female role and am well equipped for both.

That's how I chose my avatar picture.

I consider myself a child, a small slender body that has no secondary sexual characteristics of either sex, long hair at the front, short at the back. Kitty ears and tail are a part of my child-like body. My behaviour is feminine, playful,  hyper and mischievous like a Cheshire Cat. I can disappear at will, transform into a shadow and if need to be, shape-shift my body into either sex to venture out to either binary city but is more than comfortable residing within a sexless body and staying within the forest. The forest is home to me.

Well I would be a wood elf.  Comfortable with sword and with harp.  Masculine and feminine.  At one with the forest and with the elementals that live within.  Warm but distant. Fierce but gentle. Phlegmatic but passionate. A contradiction but a reality.


Ambiance music as I roam without need of direction through the endless mazes within the forest.

Just another day, another path. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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