Author Topic: What kind of creature are you in the Unicorn Forest? Come play with me - please  (Read 80737 times)

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Does this Unicorn forest reside next to the Sea by Chance?

Is there room for a Mermaid to visit from Time to Time? I come from the calm cool depths of the sea where all is shaded in hues of Aqua Blue.. Deep and Vast beyond imagination. And while a Part of me longs to be in the Forest and I can visit it's shores, the rest of me knows that it's a place I cannot stay and that the sea is where I belong...

Will you charter a boat and Come Visit sometime? It's a wonderful place to reflect far away from the noise and chatter where thoughts can drift and follow wherever the currents take them.

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The sharp smack of the soft mist
Truthful, and yet beguiling,
Leads us to our insights.


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