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Do you Wear an Hijab or Burqa? Your opinions about it?

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Hello Girls and assalamualaikum I was wondering... How do you feel about Hijab? What do you feel about the Burqa? How do you dress? Etc... Also, what do you feel about changing Allah's creation? I wanted to make a video about it on my youtube channel!

Also Did you do Ramadan? I did it! XD

This question is open to non-muslim persons as well if they want to share their opinion about the hijab and burqa

I might want to wear a Burqa or Hajab as to see what Moslem wear. But I wish Moslem men had to wear them so they could get to see out of one. After all Moslem women have to wear them so that Moslem men won't be tempted by a Moslem woman.  So too should a man after all women have sexual fantasies too. That way a Moslem woman wouldn't be tempted by a man.

By the way can one really see out of them. as when I wear a mask it covers my eyes.

Burqas don't cover your eyes D: but I thought they were mostly for the woman protection... Although, women get raped if they were Burqas too.

Waalaikumsalam :) and no I am not muslim, but coming from the biggest muslim country in the world, I kind of get it. In my opinion, hijab is acceptable as long as the wearer can stand the heat etc, but burqa I felt it is a bit degrading to women. The old ways are not necessarily applicable as they were before in the ancient times. If it is a good thing, then sure why not, but if it is oppressing maybe this era is the time to discard them.

I've only seen a woman in a burqa in real life once.  I think the problem with burqas is that they dehumanize the women who wear them, but if they make that choice I will respect and defend them on that because it's not my body.  I love hijab though, there are so many beautiful examples of them.  I have many friends who wear hijab and they always looked so pretty.  I don't like it when either is enforced, but as long as the woman wearing it chooses to wear it I'm cool with it. btw I'm not muslim myself, but a lot of my friends are.


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