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Do you Wear an Hijab or Burqa? Your opinions about it?

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I think hijabs can be very pretty. However I am against the burka, firstly I think it's degrading that women should hide due to the notion that men need protecting from the sight of a woman lest they be tempted to violate that woman.
I also dislike it as it's a barrier to communication, yes we have words to communicate but facial expressions and body language play a large part in the exchange of thoughts and words.
 I'll give an example to back that claim up, I play online games frequently and I've known many of my online friends for years, when we met years ago for a party we could joke with each other about anything, some of the joking had previously caused arguments but seeing each others faces meant we could let rip as the recipient could see by our faces that no offense was meant, now we've returned to voice only communication offense has been taken where none was meant and has broken some friendships.


--- Quote from: Serena ♡ on August 20, 2014, 06:45:25 pm ---Hello Girls and assalamualaikum I was wondering... How do you feel about Hijab? What do you feel about the Burqa? How do you dress? Etc... Also, what do you feel about changing Allah's creation? I wanted to make a video about it on my youtube channel!

Also Did you do Ramadan? I did it! XD

This question is open to non-muslim persons as well if they want to share their opinion about the hijab and burqa

--- End quote ---

I am not Muslim, but Sikh, and Sikh women often wear a chunni or turban. I sometimes wear a scarf which looks like a hijab. I find it's often better going out as a female dressed very modestly than not. People do treat you differently, especially men. Usually if I am dressed as a women who's not being too modest, many men stare like animals and I've been followed by men on many occasions -- though wearing a scarf and modest clothes, men don't follow you or look at you in a very sexual way. (Yes, people may stare but that's more for a "oh these Muslims are taking over!" sort of way).

I have no problems with the niqab or burka if its a woman's choice to wear one. I don't think it necessarily mutes or makes a woman anonymous; there's quite a few very vocal women who wear niqab by choice. If the woman believes it brings her closer to her God, then its okay by me. Some people cite security issues, but I think those are easy to overcome with proper training and planning. 

I often wonder how different the world would be if everyone did look the same and it was impossible to judge others on their appearance.


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