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Do you Wear an Hijab or Burqa? Your opinions about it?

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I actually saw 3 or more women with the burqa in real life, and I knew a girl that went to high school with me that did wear the burqa when she was outside school but inside she didn't because it was too much and the teachers need to see her face, etc... But she wore an hijab instead when she was inside school. I think that the women that wear a burqa don't go outside really ofter and when they do, then they cover themselves like that.

I agree with the enforcement thing, I had my mom trying to enforce to my sister when she was younger, but she wears the hijab now, so it should be chosen to wear it when the time is right and when a girl is comfortable wearing the hijab...

I wear Hijab. Ive worn it everyday since my Shahada. I frequently have to defend myself from attacks on Islam and being trans mostly by kafur. Sometimes it's lonely saying As Salaamu Alaikum and getting no response. Forget that. Remember... Allahumma innee amatuka.

If you decide to wear hijab, try a hoodie first before going everywhere with a khimar and abaya. Burqas are Afghani and completely rare. Niqabs are Arabian. Youll see some sisters in niqab either because their husbands make them wear it or they want to honor and imitate thr wives of the Nabi Mohammad Allallahu Alayhi Wa Salaam.

Ms Grace:
Out where I live in Sydney I usually see (on average) one woman wearing a burqa every week. Maybe it is the same woman, I don't know but I don't think so. I see quite a few women wearing the hijab. I have opinions about both forms of head dress that I will keep to myself, but if it is any woman's free will choice to wear one, not a male enforced cultural display of ownership, then more power to her.

When I was a teenager (way back in the 1980s and things like the burqa and hijab were considered exotic) I would use a towel when I was in the bathroom and I would wrap it around my head and face so that only my eyes and half my nose were showing and I could feel then that I was looking in the mirror at myself as a woman.

These days I wouldn't think of wearing one, especially not in public, but I do feel a burqa would be a useful solution to my beard removal issues.

Hijab is for women not exposed to rape and harassment

I'm not a Muslim, but I think the hijab can be really pretty, and I wear one while I have to let facial grow for electrolysis because it relieves what would be debilitating dysphoria around facial hair. I often wear a tichel though, which is kind of like a hijab except that it doesn't cover the sides of the face and is tied differently, sometimes very intricately. I want to thank Islamic culture for the hijab, which saves my dignity when I have to look in the mirror


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