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I hate to sound ignorant

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For those who don't know.....I am pre everything. For personal reason....I do hope to change that in the future.

Anywho. I have been looking into certain multi-vitamins after a friend suggested I take a vitamin d supplement to help with my daily fatigue. I admittingly have a poor diet and don't eat how I should therefore I rob myself of some of the nutrients I need. So please save the "mutivitamins are a waste of money" speech. I agree to an extent actually but this might actually help me.

But back to my original question.....can I take a multivitamin for women? Even though I am biologically male? Would it be a bad thing? I was actually looking at these

Good idea? Bad idea?
I ignorantly assume that the male ones have all these "guy" boosting things in them which is totally off putting. Or am I wrong?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and gals!

I can't imagine it having any negative affects on you... If they advertise making guys buff and all that, I would avoid taking then men's one even though that's probably a load of bull.

Do they make gender neutral ones?


--- Quote from: Ashlotte on August 24, 2014, 09:36:20 am ---Do they make gender neutral ones?

--- End quote ---

Probably, I just gotta search and seek. That's a good idea though thanks! If anyone knows of any gender neutral ones please share!

I'm on a lot of vitamins also, doctors orders... Theres really no difference, it's just marketing.. It's much more important to buy quality vitamins in the first place, that are guaranteed highly water soluble, usually you get them at health food stores.. They cost more, but really work, unlike a lot of cheaper vitamins that basically go in one end, and out the other without releasing all of they're vitamins..

Good luck.  :)

Dee Marshall:
No male "boosting" things in generic vitamins or female in female vitamins, just stuff to help common female deficiencies. Without HRT you won't have those.

If you suspect vitamin deficiencies see a doctor and get tested. Some vitamin overdoses are very dangerous.


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