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New Reputation system


I have added a modification to the reputation system. With the new system you can view who gave or took away your reputation. They can leave you a note telling you why and you can view what post it was about. You will see in your profile two new links "Received Reputation and Given Reputation". Received shows who gave reputation points to you. Given shows who you have given reptuation to. You can also view the entire log by clicking on the [Reputation Stats] link at the bottom of the Forum in the Forum Stats section.  The log will be periodically cleared out. Staff can remove entries from the log.

There are also some general statistics

General Statistics     
Who applauds the most
Who smites the most
Reputation points today
Today "+"
Today "-"   
Top 5 applauded users
Top 5 smited users

5 Posts are requred to view the reputation logs.  10 are required to applaud and smite.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on it.

Way totally cool...   :)


--- Quote from: melissa_girl on December 12, 2005, 04:14:10 pm ---Wow.  That will come in handy.  People will know what their bad posts and good posts are.  It will also make people think twice before smiting somebody else.

--- End quote ---

I would like to point out this will not show you where your existing reputation came from. Only future applauds and smites.


I really like the idea that you can give and receive feedback there, rather than just a numeric pat or kick  ;D

You'll be able to know why someone liked or did not like what you posted. And, probably if utilized let me people give you feedback they would not post publicly.

DennisInGA, DIGA, or whatever else... I answer to Hey You also  ::)

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Interesting concept,

I especially like the most appluaded statistic.



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