Author Topic: M2F transformation, kind of!  (Read 2389 times)

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M2F transformation, kind of!
« on: August 29, 2014, 11:29:44 pm »
I've mentioned elsewhere I have a superhero academy webcomic called Magellan. There are many, many supporting and background characters. One of those - Ravi Chopra - is the avatar for Shakti, goddess of women. When he says her name he transforms into Shakti. They get a chance to shine in my latest page so I thought I'd share:

So yeah, a bit of Shazam/Captain Marvel mixed in with Yuuki the Valkyrie.

They are technically two characters sharing the same body, not transgender in the usual sense but we'll see. As they are effectively background characters for the time being I haven't worked out much of a back story - there may be more at some future point.
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