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what kind of god would do this to us?

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I am wondering about this tonight....If there is a god and he's supposed to be perfect then why would he make us feel like we're not the gender we're "supposed" to be....?

Abby Claire:
While I am not the religious types, I do have certain beliefs. Suppose I'm agnostic. Anyway, as much as it sucks, and we all know it does at times, it could be so much worse. There are far bigger obstacles and disorders than being transgender that other people have to go through. So if you're questioning the existence of God, I think there are far better examples than gender identity.

However, finding the strength to overcome these obstacles and the faith you'll make it through could also be an example of some divine power. I don't know. God isn't supposed to be a magic genie who grants wishes and makes everything perfect for everyone. It's all about faith and that faith in turn is supposed to make someone stronger.

Ms Grace:
If such a perfect god existed people would not be born blind, deaf, with limbs missing, messed up faces, mental retardation, etc. so just add being trans to the list.

I subscribe more to the theory that our spirit, our soul, chooses our physical life expression. In which case, why would we do this to ourself? For me it was to learn I didn't have to adhere to social strictures, to learn I was in charge of my own destiny, to have the courage to stand up for myself, to live my life to the fullest without placing blame, without hating myself despite what I perceive as my deformities, to love myself to be grateful for what I do have in life and be grateful that I wasn't born with any of the disabilities I mentioned above.

Sure, I would have rather been born cis female, I wasn't, I'm trans female and that makes life a bit of a challenge. But I will never take being a woman for granted, I know more about gender than most cis people, if they choose to accept me that's great, if not, that's their problem. Sometimes I feel despair at what I feel I may have missed out on and my effed up biology, but other times I'm incredibly grateful and wouldn't have it any other way.

What a great life. What a great journey. That's why my soul, or a god, or nothing at all, did "this" to me.

I've asked this question often as well. It's not really the original reason I stopped following any religion (I'm also agnostic btw), but does back up my reasons to not put my faith into any god. If a god created me this way, then I want nothing to do with them. It seems like either some sick joke or a twisted experiment, and I wouldn't appreciate being a lab rat. I really just picture a god who would do this as the kid sitting over an ant hill with a magnifying glass laughing at the ants as the burns them.

I am still spiritual, but I'll put my faith where it will help me more instead of hurt me.

As always, Ms. Grace has a great reply.. I tend to feel very similar most of the time, and hopefully use my faith, love and hope to make others feel better about whatever they're facing or struggling with..

Personally I am quite sick some days from an illness, and unable to have the energy to get out and do things, and for me those very bad days have brought me to a closer relationship with God, some days we talk as if God was sitting with me, and maybe he was, but it helped me get through some very bad days, and I'm left thankful for that, with a stronger faith because of it..


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