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TOS #2


I am going to instruct the staff to start enforcing the removal portion of this rule.

--- Quote ---2. Any attempts to stage protests, dispute the site policies, the TOS/rules, or actions of the staff; in the public areas of this site will not be tolerated and will result in your removal. If you have any issues contact Susan by email, or forum private message, and not bring these types of issues into the public spaces on this website. For the proper way to handle problems of this nature see item #20 below.
--- End quote ---

Bans will start at 3 days but may be extended based on past history. For example I removed Susan522 today originally for 3 days for violating TOS #2, but after seeing a thread detailing her previous bans and staff interactions I decided to extend it to 45 days.

If you have issues with staff actions, you have exactly 2 ways to deal with it; email to me, or by sending pm to myself or one of the other administrators. Do not post it in the public areas of this web site.

--- Quote ---20. The staff of this web site are here to provide peer support to our members and visitors and to provide a safe environment by enforcing the TOS and rules of this web site and chat server. If you disagree with their actions, or in regards to a specific situation you may contact Susan or any of the other administrators by email or forum private message, with the details of the situation. They will review your complaint and take any corrective action that may be required by the situation. All user complaints and issues are taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly.
--- End quote ---


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