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I want my little guy to grow i have been on T for almost 2 years. I noticed people use DHT to help with the growth but you will more likely lose hair, is this true? Is there any other things out there that like that but not losing hair :L

I have been looking on sex toy sites and seen they sell penis Enlargement creams, ECT King Size Largo Penis Cream seem to be popular with the males, but curious to know if any of you used it or is it not worth the risk?

I personally haven't noticed much difference in my hairline following DHT. I have heard taking saw palmetto to counteract any hair loss, be it from DHT or just from being on t.

For me, the hair loss will come anyway and the benefit of using DHT outweighs that easily.

Ms Grace:
Unfortunately I think you'll find that those creams are a scam. If they do anything at all to increase penis length it may have something to do with loosening ligaments around the groin or improve blood flow so that penis appears less shrivelled when flaccid. Dunno.

gendercube on tumblr has a lot of info and has used DHT cream.  He's tagged all his entries regarding his experience with using it and is always open to questions.

As far as male enhancement products for cis males go, I think most if not all are scams and don't really work. 

Autumn Faith:
Oh my soul.... I never thot about that.... what happens for FTM' many guys I know complain about their genetic ones. Do FTM'S just pay by the inch?


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