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I heard this guy lecture a couple times on my Zencast podcasts, I didn't know who he was except that he used to drop acid with Tim Leary. My drug counselor just gave nme a couple books by him.
Grist for the Mill and Journey of Awakening, A Mediitators Guidebook[/i]

His lectures alone have helped me a lot on finding mindfulness and awareness, the books should contribute to my continued enlightenment.

Ram Dass is an amazing, loving and very enlightened teacher and person.  Highly recommend watching the documentary about his life, made after he had a stroke.  It's called Fierce Grace.  A beautiful and inspiring film.

I have two books by Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill and The Only Dance There Is.  They made a real difference in my life.

I haven't heard of him for a very long time and am sorrowed that he suffered a stroke.

hugs & smiles

Here's his web presence:

And info about the film:

Ram Dass is not a Buddhist as far as I know though.


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