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--- Quote from: Pica Pica on January 02, 2008, 08:59:42 pm ---I nice vindaloo - I have rarely had a nice one... I am always there for the saag.

--- End quote ---

Yum, saag. They had regular old nan today. A really good and yummy cauliflower and rice casserole. Forget the name.

Oh, I was in hog heaven. O, o, o. The rice kheer was to die for. What a grand dessert!! It was like eating curded honey-cream that had been seasoned with a summer flower garden. Fantastic!!

Next time email yourself over and we can go together, P!!


Pica Pica:

Ive thought about becoming a Hindi Computer Mystic.
I would call myself Ram Disc.

Shana A:

--- Quote from: Nichole W. on January 02, 2008, 08:51:11 pm ---
oooo, had a great curry at lunch today at the Indian buffet. A really good vindaloo as well. Yum.

Ram Dass is an American man. A psychiatrist as I recall, last American name Alpert, I believe.

--- End quote ---

Richard Alpert, aka Ram Dass. Apparently he suffered a major stroke some years ago, there's a documentary about it, called Fierce Grace, his name for his learning experiences from the stroke.

I love curry too! We often cook vegetarian curries for dinner.


  ::) Yep, curry the flavor in life!! Nothing quite so good and useful!!  :laugh:



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