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Pica Pica:
i thought it was a curry

indeed, Ram Dass is a Hindu deal, not a Buddhist one.  Be Here Now is still quite a classic.  He came from a very, very, very rich family, and was the other person kicked out of Harvard with Leary for the LSD experiments.

I've seen that book when I lived in Northern Cali.
Had like a bunch of random quotes and pictures all over the pages at random angles.
Kinda like a collage.
Weird though. I didn't know that about him.


--- Quote from: Pica Pica on December 27, 2007, 09:12:07 pm ---i thought it was a curry

--- End quote ---

oooo, had a great curry at lunch today at the Indian buffet. A really good vindaloo as well. Yum.

Ram Dass is an American man. A psychiatrist as I recall, last American name Alpert, I believe.

Anymore I think a Hindu deal is just called "a deal." *smile*


Pica Pica:
I nice vindaloo - I have rarely had a nice one... I am always there for the saag.


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