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Should someone be allowed SRS who is not planning to present as a female?

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i kinda tried to stay out but i do think i should respond because this has been something that has been on my mind. i'm one of those one that has a desire to be female but i dont want clothing to be associate with this decision. i like the clothes i wear. i dont want to have to be forced to dress as a female just be considered for srs qualification. there are girls who dress like guys but they dont have the desire to become guys, as well as there are guys who dress in female clothing but they dont have the desire to become girls. the decision to get srs should be based on if that is something your truly want and wont regret later because for some people, wearing clothing associated to the gender they wish to become could cause their dysphoria so soar to deadly levels and could cause more harm than good. i do think there should be some type of system in place to fully determine and test that resolve for those who are in this position though. i'm not saying that you having to present as female for an entire year to be qualified to get srs is a bad idea, but for people like myself, there should be a separate system in place to assure if thats exactly what we truly want and wont regret instead of having us present as female. what it comes done to is the person's will to become whole at all cost so for some people, not saying all, but for some people, having to present as female could be a major road block.

Jessica Merriman:
People can want what they want, but it all comes down to WPATH Standards of Care.

They are the defining protocol now right or wrong. We can talk this to death, but until there is a MEDICAL protocol in place for special situations you are all at the mercy of the system just like me.  :)


--- Quote from: Jessica Merriman on September 22, 2014, 03:04:09 pm ---My only issue is they should have to perform some type of RLE just as I have to. I am having to earn mine and that is all I ask of anyone.

--- End quote ---
I'm at a bit of a loss for words over this. I'm not sure how to put this, but you appear to be saying that others have to suffer just because you did? What about when people had to do RLE to get hormones - perhaps we should all keep doing that too?


--- Quote from: Zumbagirl on September 22, 2014, 06:49:40 pm ---No. It will only take a handful of regretters and one  sinister right winger and we are back to square one again.

--- End quote ---
I'm not entirely sure I agree with this. It may actually make the usual transgender transition seem much more acceptable. There's a name for it, which I can't recall, but extreme proposals can be used to make less extreme ones seem more normal. So even if it all goes bad it could turn out to be good for most. Plus I think its a bit of a selfish attitude.

Jaime R D:
Bring personal responsibility back into vogue and I think a lot of objections would drop. Me, I don't care, people can do what they want with their body so long as they are of sound mind and know the risks and are willing to take responsibility for their own choices for their own body and life. 

I think it would be better than forcing someone into a role they may be hesitant about just to make other people more comfortable about their own choice.


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