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Should someone be allowed SRS who is not planning to present as a female?

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I'm not going to say it is wrong. Just as growing breasts and staying male is also not wrong. However SRS is a major change for the psyche - and a major change in personal living conditions. And this is where there should be help from therapists so that the patient can learn to adapt. I write this because it is the adaptation of the psyche is exactly what I'm going through now.

So yes, why not. But it needs a support system to be tolerant and understanding; and is that in place? And at the end - the patient may be (wrongly) considered ftm. Public changing rooms and showers / locker rooms may not be accepting. And if the patient went to jail would they be allowed solitary cells?

Ftm have successfully transitioned for years. My gyno is ftm and has not had bottom surgery, looks amazing and works out regularly. So it can be done - in a tolerant country where people respect each other. And that is probably where it needs work and careful thinking through of the consequences.

I agree with what Jill said. It's your body and you should be able to modify it anyway you see fit. I definitely agree about the waiver thing though too. Any regrets later, too bad.

Julie H:
Even though I think the option of srs without presentation should be available I would caution restraint. I am not a fan of gate keeping, for myself it might mean that I will not get the help that I do need because I feel that the therapist who holds my life in their hands is an adversary and not to be trusted with my deepest feelings and problems. That being said if one were to get srs without presenting I think that there should be other requirements such as strict gate keeping that they would need to go through to insure that this is the correct path for the trans individual.

Regret should be kept to a minimum.

Adam (birkin):
Well, I'm not really one to interfere with others making what they feel is the best choice for themselves. That being said though, being a man with a vagina (or a woman with a penis) comes with a great deal of challenges. It's not so simple as it being under your clothes and then living as any cisgender person would. You have to deal with romantic situations, social situations that involve a degree of nudity (locker rooms, even hanging out with friends who are comfortable changing in front of one another because 'we're all men here'), medical situations (including possible discrimination and/or carelessness towards health issues involving that part of your body).

As with a full-on social transition, I just think this is one of those situations that requires a huge <not allowed> reality check to assess if the benefits outweigh the consequences.

I am in favor of lowering the requirements for full or partial GRS.


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