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Best Transgender books you've read or would recommend reading

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--- Quote from: Natalie on October 04, 2014, 02:19:49 am ---Ummm, it's my book and it comes out in November so...I'm the author. Just click the little globe under my avatar :)

--- End quote ---

Sorry Natalie I was having a blonde moment, or mental breakdown  :icon_blah:

Love that song by the way

I thought The Transgender Guidebook by Anne L Boedecker was a really thorough treatment of the process of transition.

I also give my full endorsement to Whipping Girl.

Nevada - Imogen Binnie
I've Got A Time Bomb - Sybil Lamb
Nobody Passes - edited by Matilda Bernstein Sycamore
Normal Life - Dean Spade
My Words to Victor Frankenstein - Susan Stryker (which is an essay available for free if you google it, it's really good)
The Empire Strikes Back (I might be getting this title wrong) - Sandy Stone (also an essay, same deal)

Thanks everyone, seems this list is getting quite comprehensive. I had no idea there were so many.

I'm going to add one which is a kids book, may not be on the top of your list but great if your needing to speak to children about gender.

Jacobs New Dress - Sarah Hoffman, Ian Hoffman, Chris Case

There are loads others too.

Oh, before I forget, also: A Safe Girl To Love, Casey Plett?  It's short stories, but all of them are quite excellent. 


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