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Best Transgender books you've read or would recommend reading

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I listened to She's Not There by Jennifer Fenny Boyland on audiobook and read by jenny. I enjoyed her story.

Now I'm listening to Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity  By Julia Serano. It is the 2016 version read by her. It is a technical discussion of <not allowed> and sounds a bit dated as she left more of the book untouched from her original book. If you like a critical look at how transsexuals were (and I'm sure still are in places) then you might find this book interesting. I thought it was.

Gender Outlaws by Kate Bernstein
Becoming a Visible Man by Jamison Green

You'll have to figure out how gender fits into the novel, but

Gentlemen of the Road, by Michael Chabon

I'm going necro and trying to reawaken this thread.

Conundrum by Jan Morris. 

She is known as a travel writer, but in this book she talks about knowing she was in the wrong body all her life and how she eventually transitioned to life as a transwoman in the 70's.  It is a very personal book and one that made me think and feel all kinds of new things.  She is a writer with style to burn and led an amazing life.  There are some things people will find objectionable, but to be fair it was written quite a while ago and reflects some biases of those times.  When it was written also make this book interesting because this was before trans issues became widely known in popular culture and even before transgender medical procedures were common.  In fact you find out quite a bit about that. 

Although it is not a long read, it was thought provoking at times.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I made a list of all these books! 68! Thanks to all who contributed so far. Let's update the list with more titles and authors to share.

What book would you like to find? I mean, what hasn't been written yet? Or maybe it's been written but not published?

Hi Moonflower,
If you still have your list you compiled from this thread, would you mind posting it?  I would love to have that list but I'm not in a position to go through the whole thread in the near future. 
Thank you!


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