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I was wonder if anyone else here has had experience with or is currently a part of Left-Hand Path religions such as Daemonolatry, Luciferianism, and the different denominations of Satanism.

I'm a daemonolator, a hermetic tradition which I like to describe as a polytheistic, pantheistic form of Satanism (not all daemonolators see themselves as Satanists but I see myself as one). I view Satan as the adversarial force in the universe that animates life, and I worship the daemons as different manifestations of Satan and Great Nature.

I have grown immensely as a person since I began my practice including learning to accept my transgender nature. I don't really talk about it because I like to keep the secular and the religious separate (a holdover from my years as an atheist), and it's quite frankly no ones business. However, at times it does feel alienating when everyone around you is talking about their faith and going to social events about it, and I have to hold my peace and practice with no interaction with anyone in the occult community or at the very least the pagan community. I also worry that because trans folk are demonized (pun intended) so much by society, I will be seen as a liability by our community for being a theistic Satanist.

I also encourage people of non Left-Hand Path belief systems to comment. I would like to know you're perspective on these religions, if you've ever interacted with a practitioner, or how you feel knowing that people like me are among the ranks of the trans community.

Gothic Dandy:
Well hello there.  >:-)

Most in-person meetings I've had with self-described Satanists haven't been pleasant, so I don't describe myself as one, although I do technically fall under the LHP umbrella. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat about this stuff.

I differentiate between daemons (the ancient Greek concept) and demons (the Christian/Western occult concept). Do most d(a)emonolators think of these as the same type of being? I don't know much about this branch of occultism.

I've learned that daemons are something like spirit guides or guardian angels, personal companions who are somewhere between the world of humans and the world of Gods. That's really oversimplified, but...


--- Quote from: Gothic Dandy Luca on October 20, 2014, 11:18:38 pm ---I differentiate between daemons (the ancient Greek concept) and demons (the Christian/Western occult concept). Do most d(a)emonolators think of these as the same type of being? I don't know much about this branch of occultism.

--- End quote ---
I don't follow any religion, but I do study mythology (including more current religions) through art history. As I see it, a lot of the Christian and other Western faith concepts like demons were birthed through Greek and Roman (same thing really) mythological concepts. All that really changed over the years is the imagery attached to the older beliefs. A lot of older things just got tacked onto newer beliefs with a skewed image and definition. Taking it from that angle, I could see demons and daemons being the same thing. Many things go back to the same roots.

Yep, you both hit the nail on the head. We use the Greek understanding of Daemon, which is a guiding spirit replete with wisdom. We acknowledge the cultural evolution of these spirits, and how it effected our faith. We choose to worship these spirits because they represent the darker side of Nature that we don't understand and we could learn greatly from. There can be risks working with but they are ultimately benign, morally neutral, and mostly only want respect.

Luca, I am not surprised the Satanists that you've met have left a sour after taste. It seems that many of use come into the religion with a preexisting condition of douchebaggery. It's partially potent with the atheistic ones thanks to the heaping dose of Objectivism Anton LaVey threw in. Theistic Satanists can be p annoying too since some of them are militant about their version of Satanism is the best on. All and all, we're pretty sectarian with an unfortunate amount of jerks. That's why a like the path of Daemonolatry so much: it likes to do its own thing without bothering anyone, and focuses on self-development above anyone else.

I'd love to chat with you more, Luca. I'm sure to PM you once I have 15 posts under my belt. :D

Gothic Dandy:
Oh, I forgot you need a certain amount of posts to PM.  My bad.

The way you describe daemons is somewhat akin to how some Pagans view faeries. I find it amazing how, even throughout history, people come up with different ways to describe similar concepts. (Of course I acknowledge that daemonolatry is its own unique path and I respect that.)

It's true that demon comes from the root word "daemon" (what Eevee said), but I have to make the distinction because some Pagans have daemons in the classical sense. Myself included. At some point it's probably just a matter of semantics, though. A lot of things are like that.

As for me, I'm currently Wiccan with a Luciferian philosophy (and boy would most Pagans flip out if they heard that one). I'm the kind of Luciferian who distinguishes between Lucifer and Satan, which is the real reason why I don't think I'm a Satanist. Satan is like our primal urges, and Lucifer is like enlightenment and intelligence, rising above our animalistic desires. Not that they're bad, it's just...we're humans and are capable of great things if we apply ourselves and don't always give in to temptation and indulgence. Which kind of sounds like Objectivism. I should really probably read LaVey's book one day.


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