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At what point do you change your name and docs

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As mentioned, I'm mapping out my transition, getting HRT, hair removal etc done now.

One thing I'm not clear about is when do people legally change their name.

When did you decide to legally change your name and gender marker?

I want to at least get it done before I go full time at work, which will probably be sometime next year.

Jill F:
I started the process when I made the decision to go PermaJill(TM) and take the full strength HRT.  In May, 2013 I told my therapist that I had already gone full time and came out.  I got the letter (E-ticket) in July, and an appointment to the endo in late July.  I gave the paperwork to him then for legal gender change, but it got lost.  After several follow-ups and screw-ups, I finally got the signed papers in DECEMBER.   We filed immediately at the courthouse and didn't get a hearing date until JULY, 2014.  (Thanks, LA county...)

So I had to go around for an extra year with an ID that showed a fat guy with a beard.  LOL

Tessa James:
Your path is the right one for you, of course.  I waited till I felt sure about my name and well on my way with HRT.  I was out FT for about a year and had some annoying hassles with IDs for shopping and travel.  In Oregon the name change is accomplished at the County level and took a couple months.  Some banks and credit card folks have their own process. 
The gender part is more demanding and depends on the Country and State you live in.  i needed letters from my doc and therapist on a specific state list of approved folks with very specific language.  Those letters can also be used for changes at social security offices.  It seems the older you are the more documents need to be changed and I had/have a lot.  It is all worth it as the validation of seeing and hearing your name and having the right gender marker is priceless :D

I decided to after being full time for 2 weeks that I needed to do it as soon as possible. I ran it pas the therapist at my next session and she said I could go ahead and do it anytime. So the next Tuesday I went to Prosser and got my named changed and rest of the paperwork got rolling at my primary care appointment a week later.

Thanks for the replies.

I'm a naturalized US citizen living in New Jersey. From what I was told, I could have it changed on my naturalization certificate quite easily and then everything else changed with that. I believe a letter from the therapist is required for a DL change.

Birth certificate is going to be much more difficult and I'm not even sure it's possible, even with surgery. I can have it amended with an affidavit but I just want it gone. Probably the old one with sex:Boy tossed in the fireplace. I don't think I'll even bother to be honest. I really don't use any docs from the old country and I even let my other passport expire.

I asked my therapist and she said when I start to present Female more or less full time. I have a ways to go with that because I want to grow my hair out a bit and get rid of most of the facial hair before I go FT.


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